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Join us for the 14th Annual Zero Balancing Health Association Benefit - Building Stability, Creating Transformation

The Benefit will include presentations from five Zero Balancing teachers, including founder Fritz Smith. The topics explored will provide an opportunity for creating deep stability in our bodies, our practices and our community, helping to create regenerative transformation in ourselves, in those we touch and in the world.

Fritz Smith will open the Benefit by sharing new insights about the teaching of ZB and the growth of our organization. He will flow with the theme, “Building Stability, Creating Transformation,” and set the stage for the activities to follow.

Making The Internet Work For You! With Carla Van Arnam (1.5 hrs)

This will be a participatory interactive presentation in which Carla will give you her educated and opinionated view on using internet services to support and promote your unique Zero Balancing practice. Based on her own research and experimentation this presentation will cover resources from basic to complex and will include best practice tips. This will focus on practical ways to use these resources in ways that are easy and appropriate for you and your practice.

Topics to be covered include but are not limited to:

  • Email – create one that represents you
  • Web Presence – don’t pass up what is freely available
  • Newsletters – create connection and community with ease
  • Social Media – what do you want to use, why and how
  • Dropbox/Google Drive – what are they and why would I use them

The Three Tan Dien And Zero Balancing with Ty Romijn (1.5 hrs)

The three Tan Dien are the basis of Asian Martial Arts and meditative practices representing our alignment with the Earth, with Humanity, and with the Cosmos. In Zero Balancing, we work with the Earth through the pelvic bowl, Humanity through the rib cage, and the Cosmos through the cranium. Through practicing a Chi Kung exercise that relates our wingspan (fingertip to fingertip) to the three Tan Dian, we will explore second hand fulcrums in relationship to the standard ZB arm and neck fulcrums. These fulcrums can flow easily and be used in the basic ZB protocol.

Explorations in Zero Balancing with Judith Sullivan  (3 hrs)

Part 1

In this workshop students will explore the pressures in the five cavities of the body and their relationship to health. The five cavities are the dorsal, cranial, thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic cavities. Trauma and stress affect these pressures. When the pressures are too much or too little the organs are not happy. Regular ZB helps to rebalance these pressures. Hands on work will explore the bell curve of normal pressure in the cavities and how ZB can affect these pressures.

Part II

We all have an internal GPS. It is what lets us know where we are in space and gives us our three dimensional orientation - length, width and depth. As practitioners we notice clients reorienting themselves and their sense of dimension after a session when they get off the table and find that their bodies don’t feel the same. Changes in the three dimensions can affect us physically, emotionally and mentally. During hands on work students will learn how to sense and facilitate potential change by contacting and balancing the GPS of the body.

The Five-Minute Restorative ZB with Michael Oruch  (3 hrs)

While giving a short Zero Balancing session practitioners find that focus and attention are heightened, each fulcrum more significant. The experience can, on its own, be quite full, transcendent, and potent for both client and practitioner. Michael will present his Five Minute ZB protocol and will discuss the theory behind it, including how to make it a successful stand alone ZB if you only have a short time to work. 

Michael will also present some theory from the Restorative ZB class he is developing and how to incorporate it into the Five Minute ZB. Using this information can make the session a more powerful and integrative experience.

Students will have the opportunity for hands on practice, to ask questions, and to share experiences of these mini sessions, all while progressing their skill level and understanding of Zero Balancing.

Pre-Benefit Class
Advancing Your Zero Balancing Skills: Individualized Tutorial and Touch Feedback with Faculty
Friday May 5th, 2017   1:30 -5:30 PM

This skill-building class will focus on content that emerges from students’ questions as they work in small groups of 1-3 students per faculty member. Each group will have the opportunity to work with at least two different faculty members to fine tune touch skills, evaluations, and fulcrums. Building skills while building relationships will help all in attendance to grow professionally and personally, to come into resonance with each other, and to participate in co-creating an expanded field which will enhance learning and excitement for the Benefit.

Benefit Location and Times:

Claggett Center
3035 Buckeystown Pike
Adamstown, Maryland 21710

Friday May 5th             7:30-9:30 pm
Saturday May 6th        9:00 am- 5:00 pm
Sunday May 7th          9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Benefit Tuition Costs:

Benefit Only                    by April 10      $375             
                                       after April 10   $400
Benefit & Friday class     by April 10      $455
                                       after April 10   $480
Friday class only                                    $100                       
Saturday class only                                $150
Room and Board are additional
                                             Single       Double 
2 nights, 6 meals                  $240        $210/person
Housing will be in the Christiane Inn.
Meals included are Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.


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